Technorati: Center of the Blog Universe
November 25th, 2009 by Casey Cheshire

Once you realize the extent of Google Reader’s ability to consume more Blog and Feed Content than ever before, the next question is…

Where do I find the best blogs to follow?

One answer to this question is


Technorati tracks and links to the top blogs out the in the  Blogosphere.  It’s an awesome way to find unique content written by thousands of bloggers.  Additionally they have editors who write articles related to the world of blogging and share their big picture view of it all.

Think of it as one big gigantic research tool.

If you click on one of the main headings, Business, you’ll get the Business Channel and they have several popular articles.  What I find even more helpful is the listings of “Top Business blogs.”  In addition to top blogs, they also have top movers.  Movers are important as they signify a drastic change in popularity that can often signal a trend or important new topic.

But don’t stick to something as high level as “business.”  There is a Blog Directory as well as Top 100 listings for every topic imaginable!  This is where you can start following quite a lot of blogs in a short period of time.  When in doubt, add the blogs that catch your eye to your Google Reader.  You can always fine tune and cull (haha) your subscriptions later.

Technorati also assigns “authority” to blogs that it tracks. This number is a measure of that site’s standing and influence in the blogosphere.  Based on linking behavior (who links to it) and other “associated data” that all gets calculated together spitting out a number between 0 and 1000.

Cool Side Note: In order for me to have this blog included in the Technorati listing, the following code needed to be placed on a blog post: E4MZU2GDFVBX and 9Z6Z9J9UQUVS What this does is verify that the person who registered it on Technorati is really the writter.  Once I’ve covered all of the basics of Waterskiing the Web, the articles will begin to touch on writing your own blog as it’s an important part of the web.

Hit Technorati like a firestorm and increase the amount of blogs that you subscribe too!

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  • uberVU - social comments writes:
    November 25th, 200911:01 PMat

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

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  • Tony Berkman writes:
    December 2nd, 20095:07 PMat

    Technorati certainly has the numbers and enables you to easily identify the A list bloggers. Unfortunately without some form of human involvement in the screening process, they are swamped with spam blogs. BlogCatalog, which I am part of, reviews each blog submission making it easier for readers to discover great blogs, that are less known. Add to that a community crowd sourcing element, which Technorati lacks, and BlogCatalog is a platform where many media pros visit to find great blogs and connect with their writers.

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